Happy Holidays,

When got a phone call frome 2 friends that asked if they could stop by and drop off a small gift.  I paniced because I hadn't planned on them coming. I stated to take inventory of what I had aroun the house.  I  have a bunch of beauty samples from a club I belong to,  I found Reece Peanutbutter Cups, Seed bombs I found with my garden things. Onaments we had left from our Etsy shop. I had Christmas Boxes I never used.  My plan was starting to take shape.  I put samples in a mason jar.  I found part of a snow globe kit and filled that with Reesees Peices. I had a sock and candle kit I got for a secert santa gift.  I found 2 "plant me" cards.  I assembled them in a cute box. It ended up making a really fun gift .