I have been learning a new computer program this week... with great difficulty.  I was getting so frustrated that I got into quite a funk. Not only was I seriously struggling, it was taking forever, it still is.  Talk about stress,I managed to talk myself into this idea that it shoudl be easy and only take a little effort and time that  I was forgetting what I just learned. So i stopped and took a breath and walked things back. All the way back to college and how I used to take things on; then I put those college study skills into action.  I started writing everything I did and every step I did down. Unfortunately I was still really full of negitive self talk and really discouraged. Finally, I enlisted my grandson to help.  Oh the looks of fustration on his face (but not for the reasons I assumed).  He finally said to me,  "look at how much you have learned not what you don't know."  I now know some of what I need to,  and learned to take the small wins with this learning endeavor. So the moral of this post: "TAKE THE WIN!" No matter how small it might be. My daughter made this mug to remind me to take the small wins also.